My Deepest Dive on One Breath

There are days, even weeks, when time seems to vanish.

One of the main reasons I write is so my memories won’t vanish as well.

My last couple of weeks on Bonaire have flown by and I now have more memories than I know what to do with.

I competed in my first freediving competition, taught yoga on the beach, taught SUP yoga surrounded by beautiful turquoise water, met so many amazing freedivers and filmed my first official yoga video series (more info coming soon).  I spent another evening diving with ostracods and have been enjoying every last moment on this beautiful island.

There are times when enjoying these moments are more valuable than perfecting the story.  And now is one of those times.

Don’t worry, I intend to share every last detail of my first freediving competition, but for now I am soaking up all the details of my Caribbean home.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a video of my deepest dive on one breath. This is from my last constant weight event and is my actual dive from the competition.

Filmed on a GoPro HERO4 by Sebastian Lira Miquel, who now holds the Chilean National Record for Static Apnea and Constant No Fins. Congrats Seb! And thanks for the amazing video of my deepest dive!

Featured image by Casper Douma.

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