Monday Memories: Bonaire

Monday Memories isĀ all about remembering great days from my travels.

I hope you enjoy these digital postcards from my past!

And I’d love to hear your travel memories too! If you’ve traveled to any of the same locations, please share your favorite memory in the comments.

Photo Jul 20, 13 41 14

Bon Dia!

Today we went on a perfect snorkel! We rode our bicycles to the boardwalk, barefoot and swim ready. We went straight from our bikes to the boat dock, put on our masks and fins and hopped straight into the turquoise water. Before our splash could even settle, we saw the sweetest little turtle swimming by. After a few duck dives by his side, we parted ways. He swam to the deeper waters and we explored the beautiful reef, just on the edge of town. We climbed back on the dock just in time to enjoy the sunset, then cycled home with pink clouds still in the sky. Planning to get in the sea every day while in Bonaire!

Photo Jul 20, 13 50 57

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