Monday Memories: Prague

Monday Memories isĀ all about remembering great days from my travels.

I hope you enjoy these digital postcards from my past!

And I’d love to hear your travel memories too! If you’ve traveled to any of the same locations, please share your favorite memory in the comments.

Photo Jul 27, 22 55 40


Last night, on my walk home, I passed through Old Town Square and had the most magical moment. The Christmas markets are gone and the square was eerily quiet. I slowed my pace to soak in the absence of people in my favorite place in the center of the city. I took in the view from every angle and as I glanced to the sky, snowflakes started falling to the ground. I twirled in a circle, catching snowflakes with my tongue and smiling as they attached to my eyelashes. My laughter replaced the quite air, as the ground was covered in a soft white layer. I’ve said before that this square feels like a movie scene and in this moment I felt like I was the star of the movie, dancing in the darkness on a perfect winter’s night. I knew this city was magical from the moment I arrived and I can only hope for more magical moments like this one!

Photo Jul 20, 13 50 57

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