Monday Memories: Moscow

Monday Memories is all about remembering great days from my travels.

I hope you enjoy these digital postcards from my past!

And I’d love to hear your travel memories too! If you’ve traveled to any of the same locations, please share your favorite memory in the comments.

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Today was my first day in Moscow, my first steps in Russia and my first sighting of a landmark that has been on my wish list for years!  After spending a couple of days on the train, walking into the city center was a must.  I was expecting this city to feel drastically different to anywhere I’ve been, but to be honest it didn’t.  Even as we approached the gates to Red Square, the crowds of tourists gave the illusion we were not too far off the beaten path.  As I glanced past the people and cameras and red bricks, I caught my first glimpse of St. Basil’s Cathedral.  I love the feeling of my face lighting up when I see a world landmark for the first time.  I can feel my eyes widen, my cheeks lift and my heart beat a bit faster with excitement. I wanted to go through the gates and get a closer look, but we had tickets to the ballet and I figured I could wait a couple more hours. After the ballerinas took their final curtsies, I knew I would be standing in front of my favorite cathedral soon. The sky was black and the colors popped. The entire cathedral seemed to change from every angle. It’s a sight I could stare at for hours and I know if I lived here, I would walk by it daily. I’ll definitely be back to see it again tomorrow!

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