Monday Memories: Koh Lanta

Monday Memories is all about remembering great days from my travels.

I hope you enjoy these digital postcards from my past!

And I’d love to hear your travel memories too! If you’ve traveled to any of the same locations, please share your favorite memory in the comments.

Photo Aug 10, 13 23 46

Sawadee ka!

After four flights, two ferries and many hours of travel, I made it to Koh Lanta. The layover in Bangkok seemed never-ending, as I paced back and forth down a corridor lined with closed shops and sleeping travelers. However, the ferry ride past Koh Phi Phi was worth the wait. The Thai islands are absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t be happier that I skipped the city to head straight to the islands. I arrived on Koh Lanta just in time for my first sunset and spent my first full day walking down Long Beach and eating the best pad thai I’ve ever had. My little bungalow is just steps away from the beach and I’m surrounded by other bungalows filled with people that have returned to this island year after year. I’ve only been here for days, but I can tell this won’t be my last visit. This little island has already captured a very large piece of my heart.  

<3 - Courtney




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