Define Yoga

He asked me to define yoga.

“Quieting the fluctuations of the mind,” I said, with an uncertain smile.

He didn’t ask me to elaborate, but he didn’t agree.

Over the next four hours, he gave examples of how yoga should not focus on making the impossible possible.

“Silencing the mind is not realistic,” he said.  “Non-judgement is not possible,” he continued.

And I couldn’t help but think he was right.

My mind is far from silent.  And I judge daily.  We all do.

So, why try to change this?  Why not take the current situation, the natural situation, and make it better?  Why not be aware of what’s really going on?

Our minds are not silent.  So let’s listen.  Let’s learn from our minds.  Let’s learn to connect our mind to our heart and our body, because this connection is the yoga.  This awareness is the yoga.

Judgement helps us to become aware of our preferences.  It helps us to define who we are, what we like and what we don’t.

We can learn from our judging.  And I’ve never looked at it that way before.

If we learn to listen, even to ourselves, especially to ourselves, we can open our minds and gain awareness.

With awareness we can strengthen the connection between our mind, heart and body.

I was certain he was right, but I wasn’t certain I was wrong.

There are others that define yoga as the quieting of the mind.  And I know this has been a huge part of my yoga journey.

As every journey is different, so is every definition.  And the differences can help us learn.

I was there to learn.  And I learned that some questions have multiple answers.

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