I’m Courtney and here’s my story…

The last ten years of my life are best defined by one question.  One question that I usually can’t answer.

What is your home address?

It shouldn’t be that complicated, really, but if the answer isn’t simple, it’s bound to be interesting.

riding the train

It started ten years ago with a one-way ticket, something I would find to be a common purchase in my life.

Europe felt like home and Prague stole my heart. A city I’ve visited more than any other and called home for a couple of years. The hub to some of my greatest adventures and the gateway to a life on the road.

However, my life on the road wouldn’t manifest for several more years.

It felt like an accident at the time, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Whatever that reason was, I ended up back in Texas, back to my actual home, back to reality as some may see it.

Reality. The 9-5. Ah, yes, the ever-present office job that I have to have, so I can trade it in for my life on the road. Yep, that’s part of my story too. But I wasn’t chained to the desk, per se.

I had a nice life, a nice routine. I adopted healthier habits and turned wellness into a priority. I even spent the better part of a year completing yoga teacher training. I felt grounded, but still eager to fly.

I took 3 months off every year, which is basically unheard of in America. I continued my travels and spent all of my down time researching my next stop. I was addicted.

But as with any addiction, the highs were accompanied by lows. Life was comfortable, but happiness wasn’t always by my side. Reverse culture shock is a very real thing.

My expectations for my life didn’t always mesh with the ideals of my native culture. My work schedule was based on my yoga schedule, rather than the other way around. I took too much time off. I cared more about seeing the world than the business world. And so I craved the addiction. I craved the thing that made me feel more normal, more myself, more at home. I craved the road.

As the story goes, I quit my job, packed my bags and got on a plane… with a one-way ticket, of course.


me in a tree

My arrival in Thailand is when life got a little more nomadic. And for the past four years, I haven’t called one place home for longer than a year.

Koh Lanta sunset

After half a year in Asia, I continued my flight around the world and back to Texas. Then, like a slingshot, I was moving back East, by train this time. Around the world I went again.

It was like a flashback to my early twenties… heavy backpack, sleepless nights, the most uncomfortable night buses I have ever been on. I loved it. I hated it. I wanted to stop, but when I stopped I didn’t want to stay still. The road is rocky. It’s more like open water, which is where I find myself now.

I relate to islands.  Independent, every changing, wild and peaceful.  

And for a fair skinned, blue eyed little lady, I sure do love the sun, the sea and the beach.

So, I’ve decided island life is definitely for me.

The new question is, which island will it be?

I’ve been down this road and I keep going down it, so there must be something great about this road.  I don’t feel much older, but I feel wiser.  And now after all these years, wondering what to do with what I know, what I’ve learned, what I’ve experienced, I’m making this a home for my thoughts, my images and my knowledge.

I might not know exactly where my home is, but I want to do something with everything I’ve picked up along this journey. The pages of this blog will be the walls of my home, decorated with the pieces of my heart and soul. To be honest, this space may be more for me than for you, but I welcome you in to see my little world.

Each day, each memory, each piece of the road we collect is what we use to build our homes. And for now, this is mine.

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